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Sample Reports

Although not all our work results are documented in writing, reports generally give a good example of what we do:

All identifying information was blacked out.

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About Us

Building Enclosure Consulting is an independent consulting and diagnostic architectural engineering company devoted to sciences and technology of building enclosures. We serve only one master: YOU.


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We provide 3D FEA Computer Simulation, building enclosure commissioning, diagnostic services, and forensic investigations, such as rain intrusion investigations.  We own a state-of-the-art specialized equipment used for building enclosure investigations and testing, with which we serve the east half of the U.S. and Caribbean Archipelago.

The father of modern architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright once said “if the roof doesn’t leak, the architect has not been creative enough,” and it seems many architects followed this motto, consequently making building occupants miserable, and they in turn made the forensic construction analysis a thriving business. To revert this tendency, we are also devoted to education of our customers and other building enclosure consultants in sciences and technology of building enclosures.

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