We need qualified help. Browsing this website, you should have a pretty good idea what we do. If you feel you are qualified, feel free to send your resume.

We look for a fast learner and a good communicator.

Unless you want to help us with computer simulations only, the character of the work is such that you must feel comfortable at heights.

We diagnose failures in high-rise facades. So, you would need to be able to carry heavy equipment on a roof, and ride down a rope at the wrong side of a wall.

If you are not scared of the pictures below, you would have a better chance to fit in.

Oh, I almost forgot, you need to be familiar with building construction, and understand the jargon of our trade.

Equal opportunity.  Clean record, driving license, etc. typical elementary prerequisites required. Trial period required for everyone.


wall rider

industrial rope access

industrial rope access to facade