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Building Enclosure Council

Building Enclosure Council (BEC) is the interdisciplinary forum for individuals interested in sciences and technology of building enclosures. The goal of BEC is to promote and encourage discussion, training, education, technology transfer, the exchange of information about local issues and cases, relevant weather conditions, and all matters concerning building enclosures and the related science, with […]

What is a Building Consultant of the Building Envelope?

We tackled the question What Is The Building Envelope or Enclosure? in my other post. Now it’s time for the General Description of the Profession. Building facades are a very emotional subject – they are expressions of owners’ and architects’ individualities and become a lasting monument of their earthy achievements. Facades account for up to […]

Calendar of Past Meetings of BEC Miami

For those of you, who may need it to keep track of your continuing Education, below is the copy of the BEC Miami “next_meeting” website: 07/24/2012 Silicone Sealants in Construction, Application and Quality Control Mr. Kevin P Dunphy of High Performance Building Solutions Group at Dow Corning Corporation will review sealants on building façades including […]

Building Enclosure Council (BEC) Miami Suspension

Sadly, after 5 years BEC Miami suspended its operation due to circumstances beyond our control. With a heavy heart, I decided to close the Building Enclosure Council (BEC) Miami.   At our fifth anniversary meeting in July 2012, we were unable to find a new chairman to step in my shoes, and I am too stretched […]