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Access Chalenge

Making a statement with your (fragment of) facade!

Simple, hang your sailboat from your balcony.  

Balcony Enclosures Continued


Window Cleaning – a Dangerous Job

Flood Proofing – NYC

Famous Apple store before Hurricane Sandy.

How to make your facade interesting?

Assorted ways of forcing pedestrians to take a picture.

When it Snows

Antennae Attack

Laundry Attacks Again!

How to quickly change your facade?

Just wrap it. This is what was done with an entire village in Soviet Union prior to an anticipated drivethrough by the President Putin.

Cladding Spalling

Facade Facades


Challenging Facade Access


Fight between Facades and Laundry


Interesting Storm Leader -Downspout


Facade Customization

Tolerances and Inaccuracies in Concrete Construction

War between HVAC and Facades


Uncoordinated Facade Design at Ground Level

No, this is not an ATM for equestrians, or door for a conveyor belt. These are examples of the uncoordinated facade design, which is surprisingly frequent.  

Disturbing Views

Too much transparency may reveal skeletons in a closet and much more…  

Post-it Window Communication

Pine in Window

Window Access to Icicles

Note the dark cracks originating from the upper window corners…

Window Washing

I guess there is not much attention to detail possible with a ~30ft telescopic pole.

Cat on a Window

Here is a yawning cat in a window in the Rotterdam Cube House, designed by architect Piet Blom. Technically speaking, this is not a window, it’s a skylight, due to its tilt.

Cats on Window

Cats have the uncanny ability to jump vertically to negotiate a window via its transom, which is normally ventilated. This is a nice, handmade, wooden, compartment window, a superior design developed in early 20th century, affording good thermal and acoustic properties.

Window Frost

Frosty patterns and ice forming in the vessel standing on the sill.

Window Ventilation

A little background for our American friends: Europeans suffer from excessively air-tight living spaces (while Americans still busily try to figure out how to increase the air tightness). The typical perimeter hardware of an European window allows for untying the window, securing it with a small gap at the top. In this case, it was […]

AC Retrofit at the Cost of the Window

In the battle between thermal and visual comfort, the thermal wins.

Window – Radiator Collision

Mismatched Retrofit Window Shape

Mur Vegetal in Autumn

with a window with outswinging wooden shutters.

Owl Staring from a Window

Old wooden window with split panes, square cut corners, and wooden lintel. The wall below the sill is built of stone, and the wooden sill and bottom rails of sashes are rotten and covered with moss.

Diagonal Window

How to invigorate a boring hotel facade, and make people buzz about it? Simple.

Window installed Diagonally within the Wall Depth

Apparently, the fabricator got a wrong width, and the only way to install the window, was to place it diagonally.

Window Installed on Wrong Side

Apparently, the fabricator confused height with width, resulting in this in-swinging side-by-side window installed wrong way.

Window with a Stormleader

Window Knocker

A profession thriving when an alarm clock was hardly affordable.

Sheet of Ice formed Outside Window

Wooden window with a cat sleeping behind

Wooden compartment window with metal corner keys.