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Fenestration Symposium in Raleigh, NC

I will speak this Thursday 4/24/2014 at the BEC Fenestration Symposium in Raleigh, NC. All those who plan to come, please read this article about fenestration. It’s my old article about Glass Coolness published in The Construction Specifier in April 2013. We will talk about this stuff! See you there! Literature pertinent to the topics: Glass […]

Where Kaz will speak the next year – and where you would like him to speak.

  JANUARY. Kaz will probably begin the year 2014 by speaking at the Facade Tectonics Conference in Los Angeles on January 11th. He will reveal how to save money on 3D thermal simulations, by specifiying them right and making early improvements. Not smart for someone who makes a living on 3D thermal insulations! If you […]

Where Do You Want the Next Seminar?

I am getting many speaker invitations in spite of doubling my speaker’s fee this year (I already thanked the excellent Buckley School, for making me a more expressive speaker). However, the time is tight, so I may not be able to speak at more than two events this year. This is why I need to poll […]