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3D Analysis of Cold Bridging in Curtain Wall Design – Canned Seminar on DVD

UPDATE: As of 6/15/2017 we are out of stock, and we are currently too busy to burn more. Send us an email and we will add you to the waiting list. Do NOT buy it – your order will be cancelled. Sorry. Duration: The educational seminar runs for approx. 40 minutes, (although your mileage may […]

Curtain Walls – Canned Seminar on DVD

Duration: The educational seminar runs for approx. 1 hour running time plus introductions and presentations, although your results may vary.  Attendants typically commented about very rich content delivered at a very high rate of speed, which required them to pause slides often so they can digest them. The original source seminar consisted of 306 slides.  One […]

Online Video-on-Demand

I am currently in process of setting up the online video-on-demand system, which would make the facade engineering university videos available for an immediate download. It will require a paid site membership in order to view the videos. The idea is to replace the current system of producing physical DVD discs, which are still available via […]

Movements And Tolerances In Curtain Wall And Cladding Design

As difficult as it is to imagine, buildings move. Introduction of curtain walls gave the buildings even more freedom to move. The peaceful rigidity of bulky bearing walls and relatively short spans of oversized structural members belong to the past. Today’s buildings move a lot more. In fact, the biggest single difference between curtain walls […]

In Support of Glazed Curtain Walls

Curtain wall supports are important to understand because they have a large impact on crucial architectural dimensions and perimeter transitions.

Curtain Wall Consulting – Design Phase

We established enviable reputation in curtain wall design and engineering. We analyze the architectural design against client’s performance objectives, and match with systems available on the markets. We also optimize an existing design or engineer a new system from a scratch if necessary to meet project requirements.