Case Study 1 - Thermal Analysis of a Curtain Wall Bay

I am currently in process of setting up the online video-on-demand system, which would make the facade engineering university videos available for an immediate download. It will require a paid site membership in order to view the videos.

The idea is to replace the current system of producing physical DVD discs, which are still available via our DVD website, and hopefully would speed up the process. The videos would be much shorter and focusing on one subject at the time. Both video resolutions are 640 x 480, which limited their sizes to the manageable size ~100MBs.  DVDs were  720 x 480 (NTSC), while the original size I use in my seminar slideshows is 1440 x 900.

I placed two videos for free download: two case studies, which are the part of the thermal engineering seminar; please kindly let us know how it worked out for you! They were recorded two years ago for the Thermal Engineering DVD, which I never had the time to finalize and publish. Since then, I refreshed the seminar, so the only part left is the case studies.

I also look forward to your suggestions regarding the pricing structure and the effective  means of protection against piracy. (The way we tackled this issue with DVDs was displaying the purchaser’s name and email address on the screen; however, it required burning them individually, elevating their cost.)

Another benefit that would accrue to all of us, is the existing DVD owners would get the membership to their DVDs free of charge, which would allow them the access to the updated versions, which are guaranteed to them free of charge for two years, and it would save me the trouble of sending them the updated DVDs.

Case Study 2 – 2D Thermal Analysis of a Mullion (length 11 minutes) It contains 29 slides, which constitutes roughly 8% of the entire Thermal Engineering Seminar.

This video describes the process of improvement of a horizontal mullion of a curtain wall, which was found substandard at the submittal stage. It shows a number of variations and their effects on the thermal performance.

Case Study 1 – 3D Thermal Analysis of a Curtain Wall Bay (length 7 minutes)  It contains 21 slides, which constitutes roughly 3% of the entire Thermal Engineering Seminar.

This famous case of a structural curtain wall was also described in my article published in JBED  in 2010.  Please fill the form below to receive this free PDF (It contains 4 pages,  size 0.5 MB).

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Update on 10/10/2013: To all of you who asked about the promised videos, we are still busily trying to find a working software to make it work, as you could see by recent testing messages inadvertently posted on our Facebook site. We already tried  two WP plugins (Wishlist Member plugin and WP Secure Player plugin, and spent days with their customer support, to no avail. Any suggestions as to the PPV VOD solution would be welcome.