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Cladding Spalling

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in services of the facade inspector.

Inspecting building facades is a risky business. I hang hundreds of feet above a ground on a rope thinner than my finger. Also, big overhangs and tall skylights are often not accessible at all. This is why I modified a popular remote-controlled toy drone to adapt it to the challenges of our trade. I have […]

Challenging Facade Access


Uncoordinated Facade Design at Ground Level

No, this is not an ATM for equestrians, or door for a conveyor belt. These are examples of the uncoordinated facade design, which is surprisingly frequent.  

Danger Overhead: Ensuring Future Access for the Façade

 The need for access becomes obvious early, but not early enough. Adding window-washing equipment, for example, can come as a late surprise, affecting design, budget, and construction schedule.  This new article by Kaz and Mr. Jerzy Tuscher was printed in the May edition of Construction Canada. Kaz spent hundreds of hours hanging on the wrong side of a wall and […]