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Aspects of Building Enclosure Design in Hurricane Country: Hot and Humid Climate – Canned Seminar on DVD

Duration: 1-1/4 hour, although your mileage may vary.  The educational seminar runs for approx.  1-1/4 hour running time plus introductions and presentations. The original source seminar consisted of 270 slides. The DVD version has numerous videos added, with the average slide lasting for only 10 seconds. One attendant compared it to taking a sip from a […]

DIY- Reglazing with Polycarbonate

Over one year ago I purchased a dilapidated house in Miami. Among many items that required repair, were broken windows. Seeing neighborhood kids throwing rocks at my windows, I realized that the ordinary glass wouldn’t do. I paid extra and reglazed them with polycarbonate glass. It’s something that I recommend to everyone: for approximately $100, […]

Spectrophotometric Simulations

Glass is seldom matched properly, as seen on the photos below, and therefore owners often require a blanket glass replacement, after only few pieces have been broken or scratched. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars which would otherwise be spent on replacement of the intact old glass not matching the new replacement glass.

Facade Impact Resistance Manual

This manual is intended for designers designing large facades in the high wind regions and is organized in four logical steps: Where, What, Why, and Design, explaining the steps a façade designer needs to follow in order to verify and address the elementary impact resistance requirements in the areas subjected to the peril of wind-borne debris impact. This […]

Floodproof Design Manual

In the recent floods in New York and Miami, we saw pictures we hoped we would never see again: abandoned, submerged cars, inundated houses, and gigantic traffic jams. Human memory works in a mysterious fashion: we tend to remember good times, while we push away bad memories. This may explain the irrational exuberance evidenced in some new construction […]

The new educational DVD titled “Aspects of Building Enclosure Design in Hurricane Country: Hot and Humid Climate.”

Skip the lines and enjoy another Kaz’s seminar at your convenience! We issued the new educational DVD titled “Aspects of Building Enclosure Design in Hurricane Country: Hot and Humid Climate.”  The seminar presents non-obvious aspects of building enclosure design in hot and humid climates frequented by hurricanes. It discusses typical hazards and perils such as: flood, posthurricane […]