Glass is seldom matched properly, as seen on the photos below, and therefore owners often require a blanket glass replacement, after only few pieces have been broken or scratched.

Glass is seldom matched properly, as seen on the photo

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars which would otherwise be spent on replacement of the intact old glass not matching the new replacement glass.

This analysis is performed to find the closest visual match for architectural glass: either designed or existing on facades. Also used for verification of an unknown glass. We compare it with the current largest glass database in the world. Also, our lab owns a spectophotometer, which we use to verify properties of glass samples collected in the field and received from other parties. The diagnostic laboratory and field services are described here.

Sample spectrophotometric simulations.  Performed to find the closest match for the replacement of an absolete broken glass:

Sample spectrophotometric simulations

See the video below illustrating the importance of the glass matching done right.


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