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Energy Monitoring

        This is the power measurement taken from a 3 ton central AC condenser in South Florida for one day. It’s a nice snapshot of an AC pulse, expressed in electrical current per time. For mathematically challenged: after multiplying the number of amperes showed on the vertical axis by ~230 volts (not shown […]

One-dimensional Transient Hygrothermal Analysis

Would there be a water damage inside, at the absence of any rain intrusion or plumbing leaks? Microbial growth? We found the answer in many cases is yes. These hygro-thermal analyses are performed on facades of buildings in design stages, in order to assess the moisture behavior of very simple assemblies. Most typically performed to assess the […]

Facade Engineering – How To Design a Functional Building Enclosure

Facade Engineering – How To Design a Functional Building Enclosure – Free PDF The paper presents elementary concepts of façade engineering and focuses on areas typically overlooked by architects and engineers, chosen on the basis of observations derived from forensic investigations of failed assemblies, peer reviews of architectural documentation, and a façade engineering practice. A […]

Trivia Responses

Q: How many times a wind pressure changes when the wind speed doubles? A: Doubling the wind velocity increases the pressure four times. The relationship is square. This, apart from being fairly intuitive for sailors, pilots, CFD modelers, and other folks who deal often with wind, is specifically codified for the construction sector in ASCE 7 […]

AIA CES Learning Units now come with the DVD seminars!

DVD seminars now come with AIA CES Learning Units! Each seminar qualifies toward your continuing education upon meeting certain requirements in 2011. AIA members will accrue 1 learning unit (LU) if they correctly respond to all questions in an email query, testing their understanding of the principles taught in the seminars. Certificates of completion to […]