Facade Engineering. How To Design a Functional Building EnclosureFacade Engineering – How To Design a Functional Building Enclosure – Free PDF

The paper presents elementary concepts of façade engineering and focuses on areas typically overlooked by architects and engineers, chosen on the basis of observations derived from forensic investigations of failed assemblies, peer reviews of architectural documentation, and a façade engineering practice.

A balanced, holistic approach to the facade design is emphasized. Common functions of façade are discussed, including: structural adequacy, air tightness, moisture and water control, solar heat and sunlight control, ergonomics, fire and smoke safety, security, blast resistance, wildlife control, noise mitigation, responsiveness to codes, durability, feasibility and economy of manufacturing, installation, maintenance, repair, and environmental impact. As building enclosures are typically the single largest factor responsible for lifetime building performance, the buildings’ performance is compared and contrasted with performance observed in products of other industries. Common users’ expectations are listed and  evaluated by architectural criteria as well as  the design selection process. Architectural continuing education, in this manner, is discussed and compared to education in the aviation industry. Emphasis is placed on typical sources of confusion in design and construction, particularly those stemming from gaps in communication and coordination between architects and engineers, architects and delegated design teams, and subcontractors responsible for adjacent façade systems.

The paper was prepared by Kaz for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention, titled “Facade Engineering -How To Design a Functional Building Enclosure” online. It’s available free of charge on his webpage www.b-e-c.us under the section titled “Publications.” (12 pages, PDF, size 116 kB)

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Those of you who attended his lecture at the AIA National Convention in Miami Beach, would be able to recall some points of his speech.

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