Duration: 1-1/4 hour, although your mileage may vary.  The educational seminar runs for approx.  1-1/4 hour running time plus introductions and presentations. The original source seminar consisted of 270 slides. The DVD version has numerous videos added, with the average slide lasting for only 10 seconds. One attendant compared it to taking a sip from a fire hose.

Comments: Seminar presents non-obvious aspects of building enclosure design in hot and humid climates frequented by hurricanes. It discusses typical hazards and perils such as: flood, post hurricane scarcities, sun, rain, humidity, temperature, wildlife, wind, windborne debris, and cultural challenges. Requested most often by foreign architects planning to design in the Gulf region.

Learning objectives: 1. Unique design challenges presented by hot and humid climates.2 aspects of climate differences. 3 wind load examples and code provisions. 4 typical perils and solutions.

Table of contents includes: Climate Classification, Perils, Functions, Aspects, Strom Surge, Post-Hurricane Recovery, Choice of Systems, Glazing Recovery, Good Practice vs. Code, Rehab Considerations, Insolation and Aging, Corrosion, Solar Heat Gain, IGU, Wildlife, Cultural Challenges, Hygrothermal Aspects, Case Example, latent Heat, Dead Spaces, Air LEakage, Diffusion, Pressurization, Wind and Impact, Uplift, Bracing, Roofing, Sources of Information, Final Remarks, and Conclusion.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The seminars focus on areas typically overlooked by architects and engineers in process of building envelope design. The topics are chosen on basis of observations derived from both forensic investigations of failed assemblies and peer reviews of architectural documentation.

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