Skip the lines and enjoy another Kaz’s seminar at your convenience!

We issued the new educational DVD titled “Aspects of Building Enclosure Design in Hurricane Country: Hot and Humid Climate.”  The seminar presents non-obvious aspects of building enclosure design in hot and humid climates frequented by hurricanes. It discusses typical hazards and perils such as: flood, posthurricane scarcities, sun, rain, humidity, temperature, wildlife, wind, and windborne debris.  Focuses on the design and rehab of high-rise construction.

Table of contents includes: Climate Classification, Perils, Functions, Aspects, Strom Surge, Post-Hurricane Recovery, Choice of Systems, Glazing Recovery, Good Practice vs. Code, Rehab Considerations, Insolation and Aging, Corrosion, Solar Heat Gain, IGU, Wildlife, Cultural Challenges, Hygrothermal Aspects, Case Example, latent Heat, Dead Spaces, Air LEakage, Diffusion, Pressurization, Wind and Impact, Uplift, Bracing, Roofing, Sources of Information, Final Remarks, and Conclusion.

Details: The seminar runs for approx. 1:15 hour running time plus introductions and presentations. An on-screen root menu allows chapter selection. The original source seminar consisted of 270 slides. The DVD version has numerous videos added, with the average slide lasting for only 10 seconds. Like one of our attendants commented “It’s like taking a sip for a fire hose.” The DVDs come with free replacements and upgrades for two year from the date of the purchase.

The trailer is available here: [youtube]szr8pwe1Fdc[/youtube]

YouTube link for those who don’t see the window with the video:

To inaugurate this new DVD, we slashed $100 from the price on the first twenty discs sold, and allowed for bundled purchases with the DVD “Principles of Facade Design” at an even bigger discount. First come, first serve!

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Update: Here are the new links to purchase these DVDs: Amazon and Building Enclosure Consulting.

P.S. As our office turned into a mailing room as shown on the attached picture, I would like to ask you a favor. If you watched the DVD, please post the comment below this post. This would help others in evaluation.