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Duration: The educational seminar runs for approx. 40 minutes, (although your mileage may vary if you pause the show to read slides) running time. The original source seminar consisted of 122 slides.

Comments: This educational seminar discusses thermal modeling and specification of three-dimensional cold bridging in curtain walls. Modern curtain walls often feature protruding overhangs, exterior shading, and random jogs in plane (to list only a few), which need to be custom designed and fine tuned to meet the specified thermal performance requirements. We show two case studies of sunshade bracket penetrations and explain how some relatively easy and inexpensive modifications (i.e. substitution of a nylon shim or stainless steel plate) can influence the curtain wall performance. The seminar describes typical challenges and solutions experienced on the average project, focusing on those aspects which are typically overlooked by others. The 3D modeling is a very narrow niche; however, the content is delivered at an elementary level. It comes straight from horse’s mouth, because Kaz is a curtain wall and 3D modeling expert.

The interested reader may also refer to the articles: “Using 3D Thermal Modeling to Improve Performance Requirements” in JBED Summer 2010 and “Condensation Risk Assessment” in The Construction Specifier 10/2007, available via our old website.

Audience: It’s intended for construction design professionals who are on the receiving end of the modeling and simulation process, including curtain wall contractors’ teams.

Learning objectives:

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The seminars focus on areas typically overlooked by architects and engineers in process of building envelope design. The topics are chosen on basis of observations derived from both forensic investigations of failed assemblies and peer reviews of architectural documentation.

The  seminar was given by Kaz only once, at the University of Southern California. This video was prepared on basis of the draft of the slideshow and shipped ahead of time to be played in case Kaz couldn’t make it. However, Kaz had successfully arrived on time, and by then has changed the seminar completely.

Version.  It’s  the first version from year 2013. We never had the time to update this DVD.

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UPDATE: As of 6/15/2017 we are out of stock, and we are currently too busy to burn more. Send us an email and we will add you to the waiting list. Do NOT buy it – your order will be cancelled. Sorry.


3D Analysis of Cold Bridging in Curtain Wall Design

3D Analysis of Cold Bridging in Curtain Wall Design

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