I am getting many speaker invitations in spite of doubling my speaker’s fee this year (I already thanked the excellent Buckley School, for making me a more expressive speaker). However, the time is tight, so I may not be able to speak at more than two events this year.

This is why I need to poll you to find out where you want me to come: please kindly speak up.

The preference will be given to the places either 1) I have not been yet or 2) where I am going to be anyway or 3) the places I like.

This year according to my rough estimate, I will be: 1)in Ohio some time soon, 2) in India in March, 3) in New York City in April, 4)in Poland in June/July and 5)in South America in August, 6) in Colorado in September, 7) in Bahamas almost every week.

Please kindly indicate: 1) the location, and 2) the subject. Please kindly either pick the subject from the topics  listed in our Facade Engineering University or indicate a new one.

Shoot me an email at info@b-e-c(dot) info or post a comment below.

I promise I will carefully review the propositions and get back to you.